Tigers In Service

Tigers in Service is a student volunteer program. Our goal is that Stony Point High School takes its place as a contributing member of our community.

Students who complete 80 hours of service throughout their high school career will receive a special cord to wear at graduation. The 80 hours is an average of 20 hours per year of enrollment. This means one year you may only have volunteered 10 hours, but the next year you volunteer 35 hours. As long as your total volunteer hours add up to 20 hours per year of enrollment at Stony Point, you will qualify.

·       Where do I get the forms?  Forms are available in the main office or you may print a copy from here.  The form has changed this year but we will still accept forms from a previous year.

·       Where do I turn in my hours? After volunteering, the student must fully complete the Tigers in Service Verification form, including sponsor signature and contact information and submit the form to the SPHS main office. The deadline for Senior submissions to earn the graduation cord is Friday, March 31st 2017

·       Don't forget to make copies of your forms before you turn them in!  Your Tigers in Service form copies are an excellent resource when filling out college applications, scholarship applications and applications for employment.

·       Who do I contact with questions or comments about the Tigers in Service Program?  Please see the Contacts page for your class chair.  Alternatively you can visit with your class adminstrator at one of the Tiger In Service Clinics on 10/21/2016 or 3/24/2017.